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Welcome to the Scarred Lands' very own wiki! With Scarred Lands at Warwick having ended in 2013, this wiki now serves as an archive of things past, and will no longer be updated. Here, you can find information on just about every in-character aspect of the game, from your favourite heroes to the very worst villains.

Did you know... plainsman5.jpgOut of sight, out of danger. Concealment serves the plainspeople well against heavily-armoured opponents.
... that the king of Kia has been missing since the razing of Farcry, and the nation has been ruled by stewards ever since?
... that precious metals such as silver and gold, given sufficient purity, can be used as a focal point for the summoning of powerful non-mortal beings such as wraiths and archwraiths?
... that Guy Akramala only trained as a priest later on in his career?
bethesda2.jpg Bethesda is one of the nine rulers of the demon realm, and is the only infernal monarch to have manifested multiple times in the mortal realm. An incredibly cruel and evil being by her very nature, Bethesda revels in destruction and conflict, though her true motives are not understood by any living being. No mortal is known to have attacked Bethesda and survived, and only a handful have even witnessed the creature and lived to tell the tale. As a being of pure demonic essence, gender does not strictly apply to Bethesda, but due to her thus-far female manifestations, she is referred to as feminine for the sake of clarity. As one of the nine monarchs of Hell, Bethesda's abilities are significant, rivaling those of the gods by many accounts. Bethesda's abilities in her own realm cannot be guessed at by any human mind, but certainly in the mortal realm, Bethesda has shown superhuman strength, immense control of magical powers, and command of demonic creatures.

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