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Welcome to the Scarred Lands' very own wiki! With Scarred Lands at Warwick having ended in 2013, this wiki now serves as an archive of things past, and will no longer be updated. Here, you can find information on just about every in-character aspect of the game, from your favourite heroes to the very worst villains.

Did you know... dallas1.jpgFather Dallas, chaplain, ready and prepared to deliver Siryn's mercy to the assailants of his squad.
... that Arklyn Lynks was the only half-elf ever to exist?
... that each God has blessed a unique holy item of their religion, to be used by their followers?
... that Sinister mages are illegal in Rodinia?
squad1.jpg The Gunmen of the King's 52nd are a squad of the Kian Guard whose skill with pistols and supreme loyalty have led to their widespread fame amongst the Kian people. The squad was created for the command of the recently-commissioned Lieutenant Colt, who hand-picked its members from the most devout, best trained and most experienced of the Mitchum garrison. The gunmen proved to be a cornerstone in the fight against Eivah, directly confronting her on more than one occasion, before finally vanquishing her, with the divine assistance of holy Siryn. The gunmen were heavily involved in the conflicts surrounding Eivah, and were given many top-priority missions by the Kian government, including but not limited to the arrest of the Sera'phem intelligence agent Rasselan, recovery of the Tear of Akam from Eivah, and the deposed goddess' eventual defeat.

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