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Welcome to the Scarred Lands' very own wiki! With Scarred Lands at Warwick having ended in 2013, this wiki now serves as an archive of things past, and will no longer be updated. Here, you can find information on just about every in-character aspect of the game, from your favourite heroes to the very worst villains.

Did you know... pistol1.jpgPistols are powerful and feared weapons in Rodinia and beyond, a perfect example of Rodinian ingenuity and engineering. Their use is strictly restricted in most countries, however.
... that the Sera'phem believe elves to be demonically tainted humans?
... that blood mages do not have the strength in their hands to hold weapons, wands or even pens?
... that Katerina Levin, the Soviet Mother in charge of the anti-Symphony Resistance, lost two of her children to the cult, one of whom became one of the villainous Regans?
Milone.png Milone PLAINSWARRIOR, Master of the Twin Blades, a.k.a. Milo, was a young plains scout from the Lo'tath tribe, who rose to fame after aiding Loxar and Ace in freeing the plains from the tyranny of the King's Guard, and went on to be a key player in the campaign against the Coven of Viskonyx, dying at its culmination. Milo was the youngest of three sons, his brothers Halo and Oslo widely considered to be the strongest and fastest hunters of his tribe. Milo in comparison lacked their brute force, although he kept up on a hunt well enough. He was used to the harsh treatment and teasing he got, being essentially an amiable and good-hearted fellow, but it engendered within him a deep desire to prove himself, to measure up to his brothers and prove he was just as capable as them and all the plains heroes the wise men and women of the Lo'tath told the young plainsfolk about.

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