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Welcome to the Scarred Lands' very own wiki! With Scarred Lands at Warwick having ended in 2013, this wiki now serves as an archive of things past, and will no longer be updated. Here, you can find information on just about every in-character aspect of the game, from your favourite heroes to the very worst villains.

Did you know... dallas1.jpgFather Dallas, chaplain, ready and prepared to deliver Siryn's mercy to the assailants of his squad.
... that anyone besides weak-willed apostates can learn to shield their minds and bodies from the effects of magic?
... that aside from holy items, there are some cursed items around the Scarred Lands which have negative effects on their owners?
... that elves are shite and nobody likes them?
judge.gif The Judge is the God of Balance, Justice and Order. Many of the laws in the Scarred Lands are founded upon various tenets of the Judgite faith. His holy weapon is the Hammer of the Judge, currently held by Thrond in the Shadow Realm. The faithful often mark themselves with the colours of black and white. A few decades ago the Order of the Judge was wiped out to a man, leaving only the legendary Thrond as its sole ordained priest. Naturally, he passed on his fundamental beliefs and doctrines to the faithful, and this led to the Dark Juddite faith becoming the only active aspect of the Judge in Rodinia. Only recently has the Light Aspect of the Judge returned to the mainstream.

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