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Welcome to the Scarred Lands' very own wiki! With Scarred Lands at Warwick having ended in 2013, this wiki now serves as an archive of things past, and will no longer be updated. Here, you can find information on just about every in-character aspect of the game, from your favourite heroes to the very worst villains.

Did you know... plainsman5.jpgOut of sight, out of danger. Concealment serves the plainspeople well against heavily-armoured opponents.
... that the Bandit Queen Salacia of Eim was previously known as Sally, and that her reign was never recognised until after a troupe of adventurers had sworn allegiance to her?
... that Errinstown is a melting pot for young and ambitious adventurers, home to many of Grim Jaw the Wise's children, among others?
... that Arklyn Lynks was the only half-elf ever to exist?
wraith1.jpg Wraiths are silent and tenacious shadow creatures with an enmity towards all living mortals. Their deathly robes strike fear into even seasoned adventurers, for an unskilled warrior can strike at it and meet with nothing but air. Wraiths however have no such restriction and can quickly tear through an unprepared group of adventurers even when vastly outnumbered. Unlike zombies and skeletons, wraiths have never been mortal, and are the very essence of the shadow realm, drawn forth and given shape by their necromancer. Wraiths are easily identifiable by their long black robes which taper into nothingness at the ends, giving no accurate impression of whether the beings walk as humans do or hover over the ground. When they manifest in the mortal realm they generally carry two-handed weapons, most often swords. Wraiths have no faces, a truth that adds to their unnerving, inhuman nature.

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